Women's Lives

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Women's Lives

This collection covers lives and activities of important women of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Women's Lives includes the lives of women missionaries who traveled the globe between the years 1840 and 1980 as well as the records of American pioneer women, their migration on the Oregon Trail, and their lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Materials related to the women's missionary movement include journals, letters, and manuscripts written by female missionaries about their experiences and the people and customs of the countries in which they resided. They provide accounts of living in East and South Asia, South America, the African Congo, and the United States.

Diaries, memoirs, photographs, and letters document the lives of a selection of American pioneer women who traveled the Oregon Trail or settled or lived in the Pacific Northwest. These materials provide insight into the farm, family, and social life of nineteenth-century women in rural America.

This collection uniquely highlights the activities and lives of a selection of specific women with regards to their political activism, missionary work, or American pioneer activities.


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