Peter Brock. Home Rome Home

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Author: Bill Sharpe-Dunn
Date: Annual 2002
From: Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society(Vol. 23)
Publisher: Australian Catholic Historical Society
Document Type: Book review
Length: 581 words

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PETER BROCK. Home Rome Home. Spectrum Press, Melbourne, 2001; ISBN 0 86786 308 0; 270 pages.

Home and Rome--two words set Catholic hearts afire! A well-connected series of anecdotes and personal observations make this book worthy of closer inspection. It is the account of an Australian living and studying from 1964 to 1968 in an overseas environment so obviously congenial to him. Novocastrian Fr Peter Brock treats us to a feast of emotions surrounding his days in Springwood seminary, his voyage to Rome, and his days among a large group of non-English-speaking seminarians. They had the enviable advantage of playing out their lives in the shadow of the Second Vatican Council.

Propaganda College (affectionately Prop) stands on one of the legendary Seven Hills of Rome, the Janiculum. It was one of many national colleges in Rome. Though titled 'College' they were technically seminaries, with students...

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Sharpe-Dunn, Bill. "Peter Brock. Home Rome Home." Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society, vol. 23, annual 2002, pp. 79+. Accessed 8 Dec. 2023.

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