Counterinsurgency Airpower

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Author: Mitchel W. Eisenstein
Date: Dec. 22, 2006
From: Air & Space Power Journal(Vol. 20, Issue 4.)
Publisher: Air Force Research Institute
Document Type: Brief article; Letter to the editor
Length: 285 words
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As an interested civilian who follows the war on terror, I have some feedback on Col Howard Belote's article "Counterinsurgency Airpower: Air-Ground Integration for the Long War" (Fall 2006). I think the key to winning an insurgency is being able to digitize the terrorists and place them in our digital battlefield. How can we do this? By identifying everyone and tracking his or her movements in real time. That way we...

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Eisenstein, Mitchel W. "Counterinsurgency Airpower." Air & Space Power Journal, Winter 2006, p. 16. Gale Academic Onefile, Accessed 25 Aug. 2019.

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