Good may come from King of the bungle

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Author: Martin Brochstein
Date: May 8, 1995
From: Computer Retail Week(Vol. 5, Issue 99.)
Publisher: UBM LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 902 words
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Multimedia software developers have learned some valuable lessons from Disney about targeting products for the mass market. Disney recently experienced a rash of bad publicity over the installation difficulties associated with its Lion King Animated Storybook software. In response to Disney's bungle, the Interactive Multimedia Assn (IMA) developed the Parallax Project to help developers obtain a better idea of their target audience. Developers cannot assume that the home user understands the software jargon of the day. Instruction booklets need to consistently address a vendor's target market. Software vendors also need to provide a high level of customer support, including a toll-free support number. The IMA's Parallax Project hopes to develop uniform package labeling and guidelines for developers.

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