Therapeutic touch and mastectomy: a case study

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Author: Stuart P. Ledwith
Date: July 1, 1995
From: RN(Vol. 58, Issue 7.)
Publisher: UBM LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,078 words
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A case study is presented to describe how therapeutic touch (TT) was applied to lessen the pain related to mastectomy. The processes involved in the TT sessions are centering, energy field assessment, natural energy flow restoration, transfer of free energy to the patient and smoothing out the energy field. The TT practitioner also evaluated the history, size and strength of the energy blockage. The patient reported that her operation went relatively well as a result of the TT sessions.

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Ledwith, Stuart P. "Therapeutic touch and mastectomy: a case study." RN, July 1995, p. 51+. Gale Academic Onefile, Accessed 22 Sept. 2019.

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