The two dads

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Authors: Rik Myslewski and Jim Shatz-Akin
Date: Aug. 1, 1996
From: MacUser(Vol. 12, Issue 8.)
Publisher: ZDNet
Document Type: Article
Length: 488 words
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RIK: Quick! How many wolves weigh as much as a moose?

JIM: You've been playing the pan-balance game in Soleil Software's Zurk's Alaskan Trek, right?

RIK: OK, I admit it. Trek still has some of the interface clumsiness of the two earlier Zurk titles and the story-writing mode is a yawner, but it's a winner of a sequel overall--especially the clever animation module.

JIM: Kids'-software sequels have movie sequels beat, 'cause software sequels often do improve on the original.

RIK: I'd put Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree in the minor-improvement category.

JIM: Hey, compared to the loathsome Lion King entry in Disney Interactive's Animated StoryBook series, Pooh's a veritable Citizen Kane.

RIK: It does feature four sweet Pooh songs...


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