'Toy Story' goes multimedia with multiple angles

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Author: Mary Anne Farley
Date: June 7, 1996
From: Video Business(Vol. 16, Issue 23.)
Publisher: Reed Business Information, Inc. (US)
Document Type: Article
Length: 479 words
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Disney Interactive will support its new CD-ROM release, Disney's Animated StoryBook, Toy Story (available now, no suggested retail price), with an extensive marketing campaign. Key features include the following:

* Consumer ads The campaign will consist of 30-second TV spots in the top 25 markets and full-page print ads in computer-specialty, family and general-interest publications. The print ads will begin in mid-July, tying into all Disney Interactive product with a backpack offer. When consumers purchase any Disney Interactive CD-ROM title, they can receive a Toy Story backpack for $4.95.

* World Wide Web site. Disney Interactive has created a site dedicated soley to the CD-ROM (http://www.toystorybook.com). An online contest, "Hunt for the Lost Toy," will be set up like a crossword...

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