The informed patient poses a different challenge

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Authors: Timothy E. Dudley, Donna R. Falvo, Richard N. Podell and John Renner
Date: Oct. 15, 1996
From: Patient Care(Vol. 30, Issue 16)
Publisher: Intellisphere, LLC
Document Type: Cover story
Length: 4,180 words

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The intelligent, informed patient presents a different kind of challenge to the physician. With the great amount of medical information now available some patients feel they may know as much about a certain condition as a doctor. How to best treat this type of patient is described.

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Dudley, Timothy E., et al. "The informed patient poses a different challenge." Patient Care, vol. 30, no. 16, 15 Oct. 1996, pp. 128+. Accessed 21 Oct. 2021.

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