Biotech basic training

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Author: Aris Persidis
Date: Dec. 1, 2004
From: Nature Biotechnology(Vol. 22, Issue 12.)
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Document Type: Article
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Author(s): Aris Persidis [1]

Building Biotechnology: Starting, Managing, and Understanding Biotechnology Companies

by Yali Friedman

thinkBiotech, 2004

264 pp. , $34.95

Biotechnology is widely acknowledged to be a great industry in which to work, for its combination of social benefits and potential financial rewards. It is constantly in the news--for both good reasons and bad--and is now mature enough in the public markets to merit its own indices and a legion of analysts that track stock performance for over 400 publicly traded companies. At the same time, biotechnology is perceived to be a strategic industry for many countries, states and regions because of its potential for high-tech job creation and competitive advantages in trade. Graduates from life science programs around the world now readily consider careers in biotechnology, and because of significant recent mergers and acquisitions among companies of all sizes, there is a pool of biotech workers who are often on the move. In addition, there are those in the biotech-related legal and financial industries, armchair observers and pundits, all of whom are fascinated by the biotech industry. It is to all these groups that Yali Friedman addresses his book, Building Biotechnology .[illus. 1]

The need for a comprehensive guide to understanding the inner workings of corporate biotechnology is very acute, because there are so many different elements to building a company in this space. They include intellectual property (IP),...

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