Selected coding and modulation techniques for reliable power line communications

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Authors: Adnan S. Obeed, Nitin M. Kulkarni and Arvind D. Shaligram
Date: Sept. 1, 2009
From: International Journal of Applied Engineering Research(Vol. 4, Issue 9.)
Publisher: Research India Publications
Document Type: Report
Length: 2,726 words
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Power line communication is a technology that can use available power line for communication. The key advantage of power lines is that they provide a 'pre-installed' infrastructure of wires and wall outlets that are easy to access throughout a building. On other hand there are many challenges in using this medium for high-speed communication. In this paper A model of power line grid in a low voltage network has been configured, PLC characteristics have been studied according to previous works, noises model and PLC model have been simulated using MATLABO/SIMULINK with the use of different modulation and coding techniques fit for the low-voltage PLC Utilities. Keywords: PLC, coding techniques, modulation techniques, MATLAB[TM]/simulink

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Obeed, Adnan S., et al. "Selected coding and modulation techniques for reliable power line communications." International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 4, no. 9, 2009, p. 1801+. Gale Academic Onefile, Accessed 19 Sept. 2019.

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