Calcareous tubeworms of the Phanerozoic/ Fanerosoikumi lubikojaga ussid

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Authors: Olev Vinn and Harry Mutvei
Date: Dec. 2009
From: Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences(Vol. 58, Issue 4)
Publisher: Estonian Academy Publishers
Document Type: Article
Length: 7,033 words

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Morphological similarities indicate that Palaeozoic problematic tubeworms, e.g. tentaculitids, cornulitids, microconchids, trypanoporids, Anticalyptraea, and Tymbochoos, form a monophyletic group. This group may also include hederelloids. Members of this group share affmities with lophophorates and their evolution could have partly been driven by predation. The extinction of Palaeozoic tubeworms in the Middle Jurassic was possibly at least partly caused by the ecological pressure by serpulid and sabellid polychaetes. The input of Palaeozoic tubeworms to the general ocean biocalcification system may have been smaller in the Ordovician to Jurassic than that of calcareous polychaetes in the Late Triassic to Recent. There seems to have been some correlation between the aragonite-calcite seas and the skeletal mineralogy of Triassic-Recent polychaete tubeworms. Key words: Phanerozoic, Polychaeta, Lophophorata, tubeworms, problematic fossils, calcification, biomineralization. Problemaatiliste Paleosoikumi lubikojaga usside (tentakuludid, kornuludid, mikrokonhiidid, trupanoporudid, Anticalyptraea ja Tymbochoos) morfoloogilise sarnasuse alusel voib arvata, et nad moodustavad monofuleetilise ruhma. Sinna rilhma kuuluvad toenaoliselt ka hederelloidid. See rilhm seisab evolutsiooniliselt koige lahemal lofoforaatidele ja nerde evolutsioon vois olla kiskjate poolt mojutatud. Paleosoikumi lubikojaga usside valjasuremist Juura ajastul vois soodustada serpuludide ja sabelludide okoloogiline surve. Paleosoikumi lubikojaga usside (Ordoviitsium-Juura) panus ookeani biokaltsifitseerimise susteemi vois olla vaiksem kui lubikojaga hulkharjasussidel (Tr as-tanapaev). Aragonudi--ja kaltsudimerede ning lubikojaga hulkharjasusside skeleti mineraloogia vahel voib olla moningane korrelatsioon.

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Vinn, Olev, and Harry Mutvei. "Calcareous tubeworms of the Phanerozoic/ Fanerosoikumi lubikojaga ussid." Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences, vol. 58, no. 4, Dec. 2009, pp. 286+. Accessed 6 Dec. 2022.

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