Computer simulation of anaerobic fermentation

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Author: Zdenka Prokopova
Date: Annual 2009
From: Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings
Publisher: DAAAM International Vienna
Document Type: Report
Length: 1,303 words
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The presented paper deals with mathematical modeling and computer simulation of the anaerobic fermentation mechanism. Degradation of organic substances to final products, methane and carbon dioxide, involves their coordinated metabolic cooperation. A product of one microorganism group turns into substrate for the other groups. Generally, anaerobic fermentation progress in four stadiums, therefore mathematical model of four-level decomposition is used. All computations and simulations were performed in the MATLAB+SMULINK environment. Key words: fermentation, anaerobic technologies, biogas, simulation

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Prokopova, Zdenka. "Computer simulation of anaerobic fermentation." Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings, 2009, p. 1183+. Accessed 4 Aug. 2020.

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