Heidegger's being-in-the-world and its relation to Tao Te Ching

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Author: Zoe Apostolidou
Date: Jan. 2012
From: Existential Analysis(Vol. 23, Issue 1)
Publisher: Society for Existential Analysis
Document Type: Report
Length: 4,009 words

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This paper explores some of the areas of convergence between Tao and Heidegger's thought. More specifically, the analysis touches upon the different manners in which the concepts of totality and interdependence, and being and nothing are encountered in Tao and Heidegger's work and how they are reflected in therapeutic practice. Key words Tao Te Ching, Heidegger, being, nothing, interdependence, polarities, relational therapy

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Apostolidou, Zoe. "Heidegger's being-in-the-world and its relation to Tao Te Ching." Existential Analysis, vol. 23, no. 1, Jan. 2012, pp. 46+. Accessed 20 May 2022.

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