Transsexualism and existentialism

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Author: Christina Richards
Date: July 2011
From: Existential Analysis(Vol. 22, Issue 2)
Publisher: Society for Existential Analysis
Document Type: Essay
Length: 3,183 words
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This paper explores existential themes encountered in therapeutic practice with transsexual (trans) people. Drawing from her experience as a clinician within a large NHS clinic concerned with transgender care the author outlines the nexus of transsexualism with choice, freedom, authenticity, the existential 'givens', facticity and the making of a 'leap to faith'. Key Words Transsexual, trans, transvestite, transgender, authenticity, facticity, gender, givens.

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Richards, Christina. "Transsexualism and existentialism." Existential Analysis, vol. 22, no. 2, 2011, p. 272+. Accessed 4 Apr. 2020.

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