Chemistry and modern society. Historical essays in honor of Aaron J. Ihde

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Author: P. Thomas Carroll
Date: July 20, 1984
From: Science(Vol. 225)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Biography; Book review
Length: 929 words

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Chemistry and Modern Society.

Historical Essays in Honor of Aaron J. Ihde.

The history of modern American chemistry and chemical engineering is today a subject of lively research, for a number of reasons. First is the current interest among historians of science in the cultural context of science. In this regard chemistry, with its large size and rich ties to modern life, logically commands attention. Second, the relevance of the history of chemistry to university-industry relations and environmental pollution, matters of current concern with respect to public policy, has not gone unnoticed. Third, spurred to action during its centennial in 1976, the American Chemical Society has vigorously promoted the subject of late.

This festschrift, an example of the Society's sponsorship, honors a fourth cause, Aaron J. Ihede. In a long career in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin Ihde has pursued admirably diverse interests, with the history of chemistry prominent among them. His Development of Modern Chemistry has impressed upon a generation of chemists and historians the multifarious influence of chemical science on recent times. In the present volume, seven of his students in the history of chemistry join with two other contributors to expand upon this theme in light of recent historiography. Their work concentrates almost solely upon the United States since the Civil War, with one chapter each devoted to geochemistry, chemical engineering, synthetic fuels, and chemical warfare and five...

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Carroll, P. Thomas. "Chemistry and modern society. Historical essays in honor of Aaron J. Ihde." Science, vol. 225, 20 July 1984, p. 306. Accessed 25 Sept. 2021.

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