Comment on Gitelman's syndrome: rare presentation with growth retardation

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Authors: P. Shanbag, G. Kotwaney and D. Patel
Date: September-October 2014
From: Indian Journal of Nephrology(Vol. 24, Issue 5)
Publisher: Medknow Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd.
Document Type: Letter to the editor
Length: 517 words

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Byline: P. Shanbag, G. Kotwaney, D. Patel


We read with interest the article "Gitelman's syndrome (GS): Rare presentation with growth retardation". [sup][1]

The authors say that presentation of GS with growth retardation is rare. They also state that they have not found any reported cases of GS in childhood and that theirs is probably the first ever case of GS to be reported in a child. However, neither of these claims is tenable since GS has been described in children and growth retardation is a common presenting complaint when the onset is early.

Though GS has classically been considered to be a benign condition with onset in adolescence or childhood with patients being asymptomatic or having mild symptoms, clinical studies have revealed that patients with GS may show...

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Shanbag, P., et al. "Comment on Gitelman's syndrome: rare presentation with growth retardation." Indian Journal of Nephrology, vol. 24, no. 5, 2014, p. 337. Accessed 12 May 2021.

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