Surgical management of cherry eye in dogs

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Authors: Neeraj Arora, R.N. Chaudhary, Anand Kumar Pandey, Sandeep Potliya and Karan Singh
Date: January-June 2014
From: Intas Polivet(Vol. 15, Issue 1)
Publisher: Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited
Document Type: Report
Length: 724 words

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Five dogs aged 4 to 11 months were presented with complaint of red mass in inner corner of eye with ocular discharge and chronic conjunctivitis since last 1 to 2 months. After complete clinical examination, the condition was diagnosed as prolapse of gland of third eyelid (cherry eye). After surgical correction, no complications were seen and all the dogs recovered uneventfully. Keywords: Cherry eye; dog; chronic conjunctivitis.

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Arora, Neeraj, et al. "Surgical management of cherry eye in dogs." Intas Polivet, vol. 15, no. 1, Jan.-June 2014, pp. 129+. Accessed 16 Sept. 2021.

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