Real time road lane markers detection for intelligent vehicles

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Authors: Ahmed Hechri, Rihab Hmida, Abdessalem.Ben Abdelali and Abdellatif Mtibaa
Date: May 1, 2014
From: Advances in Environmental Biology
Publisher: American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Document Type: Report
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Road Lanes detection systems are expected to improve driver safety on the roads. However, lane detection is a difficult problem because of the variation of road conditions that can encounter the driver. In this paper, we present a hardware implementation of a road lanes detection system. The hardware implementation results are compared with software simulations in order to prove that the proposed system is robust, in terms of both timing and accuracy. The architecture is implemented on Xilinx Virtex5 FPGA device. Key words: Road Lanes Intelligent Vehicles

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Hechri, Ahmed, et al. "Real time road lane markers detection for intelligent vehicles." Advances in Environmental Biology, 2014, p. 2266+. Gale Academic Onefile, Accessed 13 Dec. 2019.

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