Exploring the role of intuition in creative problem solving

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Author: Cyndi A. Burnett
Date: Oct. 2015
From: The International Journal of Creativity and Problem Solving(Vol. 25, Issue 2)
Publisher: Korean Association for Thinking Development
Document Type: Report
Length: 7,335 words

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The following qualitative research study explores the complex phenomenon of intuition and its presence in the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process, a descriptive model that uses divergence and convergence in each of its stages (Isaksen, Dorval, and Treffinger, 2000; Miller, Vehar, & Firestein, 2001; Noller, Parnes, & Biondi, 1976; Osborn, 1953; Puccio, Mance, & Murdock, 2010). Using an interpretive approach to understand the perceptions of skilled facilitators of the CPS process, a group of creativity experts were surveyed through an online questionnaire. The results indicated that there is a role for intuition in CPS, and there are specific areas where intuition plays a more prominent role; however, there also appears to be a lack of tools and techniques to support the deliberate incorporation of intuition into the CPS process. Key words: Intuition, Creativity, Problem solving

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Burnett, Cyndi A. "Exploring the role of intuition in creative problem solving." The International Journal of Creativity and Problem Solving, vol. 25, no. 2, 2015, p. 5+. Accessed 23 Sept. 2020.

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