Rising Hope: Warsaw Rising Trilogy, vol. 1

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Author: Harry Louis Roddy
Date: Apr. 2016
From: Sarmatian Review(Vol. 36, Issue 2)
Publisher: Polish Institute of Houston, Inc.
Document Type: Book review; Young adult review
Length: 449 words

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Rising Hope

Warsaw Rising Trilogy, vol. 1

By Marie Sontag. Book design by Lawrence Knorr. Cover by Daniel Sontag. Edited by Amanda Shrawder. Mechanicsburg, PA: Sunbury Press (www. Sunburypress.com), 2015. 220 pages. Maps, bibliography. ISBN 978-162006-556-3. Paper.

Rising Hope is a thrilling young adult novel that tells the story of the Polish Scouts' involvement in the Warsaw Rising against the Nazi occupation of Poland in 1944. Although the action of the novel revolves around a fictional set of characters, Sontag weaves historical figures into her narrative. This allows her to be as historically accurate as possible while telling a fast-paced and thrilling story.

The narrative centers around the fictional Dabrowski family: Tadzio...

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Roddy, Harry Louis. "Rising Hope: Warsaw Rising Trilogy, vol. 1." Sarmatian Review, vol. 36, no. 2, 2016, p. 2003+. Accessed 14 May 2021.

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