Mounier Kuhn syndrome: a rare cause of bronchiectasis

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Authors: Sachin Khanduri, Deepak Agrawal, Bhumika Singh, Garima Varshney and Fahimul Huda
Date: Jan. 8, 2015
From: Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences(Vol. 4, Issue 3)
Publisher: Akshantala Enterprises Private Limited
Document Type: Clinical report
Length: 1,367 words

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Mounier Kuhn syndrome, also known as tracheobronchomegaly is a rare idiopathic disorder characterized by significant tracheobronchial dilation. It results in recurrent lower respiratory tract infections and bronchiectasis. In severe cases, patients may present with acute respiratory distress requiring hospital admission and ventilatory support. The diagnosis is easily missed as tracheobronchomegaly is overlooked on plain chest x-ray. Here we present an interesting report of our patient who presented with recurrent cough and shortness of breath. A diagnosis of bronchiectasis was first thought of. Computed tomography scan revealed a final diagnosis of this rare disorder. Management of the disease is only supportive and depends on the severity of the condition. KEYWORDS: Mounier Kuhn, Tracheobronchomegaly, Bronchiectasis, Computed tomography.

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Khanduri, Sachin, et al. "Mounier Kuhn syndrome: a rare cause of bronchiectasis." Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences, vol. 4, no. 3, 8 Jan. 2015, pp. 485+. Accessed 28 Nov. 2023.

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