Simulation of force sensor and analysis of its characteristics using panda ring resonator

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Authors: K. Padma Priya and C. Mahendran
Date: May 2017
From: Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences(Vol. 11, Issue 7)
Publisher: American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,953 words

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Panda ring resonator is an highly sensitive and selective device which has many application in various field, like bio-sensing, communication etc. Here, the panda ring resonator act as a sensor for sensing change in the movements of the muscle contraction. The panda ring resonator consist of the optical add/drop filter which is connected to the two micro ring resonator, in which the right ring is the sensing unit and left ring is the reference unit. The change in the optical refractive index changes the wavelength due to the applied force, the optical path length will change, these will result in the change of wavelength (AA) that are obtained by the difference of the reference and sensing signals. The simulation is conducted using OPTIFDTD software. KEYWORDS : Muscle sensor, Optical sensor, Panda ring resonator

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Priya, K. Padma, and C. Mahendran. "Simulation of force sensor and analysis of its characteristics using panda ring resonator." Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences, vol. 11, no. 7, 2017, p. 69+. Accessed 20 Oct. 2020.

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