The PC Solution

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Author: Daniel Shannon
Date: May 1, 1997
From: Promo
Publisher: Access Intelligence, LLC
Document Type: Article
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Daniel Shannon

Contributing Writer

There are more ways to grab a computer-savvy consumers attention than building a better Web site: Hit him with a brand-supportive, engaging CD-ROM.

And more marketers - including Hollywood studios, America Online, Ralston Purina, General Mills' Rice, Wheat and Corn Chex ready-to-eat cereal brands - are coming up with new ways to leverage the installed base of 25 million households with CD-ROM-equipped PCs.

For instance, Pixar Animation Studios has created two critically-acclaimed CD-ROMs to support its co-venture with Disney and the hugely successful Toy Story movie and video. The self-liquidating CD-ROMs Toy Story Animated Storybook and the Toy Story Activity Center - were released in 1996 through Disney Interactive and have sold a combined total of almost one million units to date. But their real power lies in supporting the video movie title which has gone on to become one of the top five selling videos of all time.

Other Hollywood studios have been experimenting with CD-ROM technology as a means of connecting with consumers and the...

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