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Author: Louise Ellis-Barrett
Date: Autumn 2017
From: School Librarian(Vol. 65, Issue 3)
Publisher: The School Library Association
Document Type: Website overview
Length: 583 words

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ToonDoo claims to be the fastest way to create cartoons in the world, a claim that most certainly requires testing, particularly with the growing demand for reading and being able to create comics among young people. Comics are now used for teaching children how to develop their story writing skills and encouraging them to think about the progression of stories amongst other purposes, particularly in primary school literacy lessons.

Comics help reluctant readers engage with stories, they add life, colour and usually some form of mayhem ... How can ToonDoo compete with a piece of paper divided into squares and a child's imagination?

Well there is a choice of 15 different layouts for your cartoon, then there are the numerous selections of images that you can use to decorate your Toon--from fantasy castles to motorbikes, the usual Pow, Bam, Whoa and so forth, not forgetting...

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Ellis-Barrett, Louise. "Toondoo:" School Librarian, vol. 65, no. 3, Autumn 2017, p. 148. Accessed 1 Mar. 2021.

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