Identifying causes of terrorism in Karachi, Pakistan

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Authors: Mehwish Saleem, Aziz Ur Rahman and Shuja Ur Rehman
Date: Mar. 31, 2019
From: The Dialogue(Vol. 14, Issue 1)
Publisher: Knowledge Bylanes
Document Type: Report
Length: 3,329 words

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Byline: Mehwish Saleem, Aziz Ur Rahman and Shuja Ur Rehman

Keywords: Terrorism, Causes, Ethnicity, Corruption, Karachi.


Due to current operation by law enforcement, the general law and order situation in Karachi has enhanced significantly. In 2013, the operation begin to counter peaking target killing, immense loss of national economy and image, sectarian violence and lawlessness. The issue regarding the situation surpass beyond the international borders.1

In certain, Karachi has a cosmopolitan nature to its character. Additionally, it is the mere operational port city of Pakistan, which is regarded as the most important pillar of economy at the moment. The situation in Karachi is of great concern due to the presence of their own residents, living in Karachi for business purpose for international community. The issue is regarding the presence of the country for Pakistanis due to the unusual nature of Karachi.2 From all over the country, people residing in Karachi and earns their livelihood from the city. It is renowned as mini-Pakistan and disturbances are regarded not localized but of national significance in this city. In certain, the later attribute of this concern has made it significant to examine and investigate the situation in Karachi city and recommend remedial measures for maintained stability.3

Disruptions in financial market and transport system have been adhered owing to swiftly spreading terrorist attacks in the country. The central government had to allocate immense shares to the military, which makes it complex to maintain social and economic expenditure as the need for security escalated. Terrorism is a major menace to economy and business environment of Pakistan in recent economic conditions.4 Due to terrorism in the Karachi city, the academic literature and information media are full of the details of economic and social losses.5 There might be assorted reasons of terrorism in the city and each cause has its own justification, which is based on the timeframe and situation and; therefore, some causes are imperative as compared to others.6

Perceptions on critical success factors (CSFs) recommended that identifying relative significance of causing attributes is significant, so that few of them are identified.7 Exploring the causes of terrorism and identifying their comparative significance is important applying that sense to this study.8 Since policy makers prerequisite to consider some important causes as the resources to manage the complex phenomenon of terrorism may be restricted but parallel working on major reasons can ultimately provide beneficial findings for policy makers.

Henceforth, this study aims to examine the causes of terrorism in Karachi city of Pakistan. The study particularly focused on certain causes that were supported and highlighted by the literature. These factors include income, expenditures on economic activities, health, welfare, development and public expenditure that can reduce terrorism incidences in Karachi, Pakistan. However, certain causes were also emphasized in the current study including inequality, ethnic fractionalization, domestic conflict, corruption, foreign involvement, illiteracy, legal uncertainties, poverty and unemployment.

Due to mere available port and biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi is the lifeline of the Pakistan belonging to every segment and...

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Saleem, Mehwish, et al. "Identifying causes of terrorism in Karachi, Pakistan." The Dialogue, vol. 14, no. 1, 31 Mar. 2019, p. 111. Accessed 23 May 2022.

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