Newman College: A History, 1918-2018.

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Author: Edmund Campion
Date: Annual 2018
From: Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society(Vol. 39)
Publisher: Australian Catholic Historical Society
Document Type: Book review
Length: 837 words

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Newman College: A History, 1918-2018

Authors: BrendaNiall, Josephine Dunin, Frances O'Neill

Publisher: Newman College, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2018

ISBN: 9780646983004

Format: Hardback, 270 pages

Price: $70

Contesting Catholic Identity: The Foundation of Newman College, Melbourne, 1914-18

Author: Michael Francis

Publisher: Newman College, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2018

ISBN: 9780646982014

Format: Paperback, 153 pages

Price $30

Brenda Niall is the doyenne of Australian biography. Her life of Archbishop Mannix won the National Biography Award in 2016. Many of her books are quarried from a cache of letters or capacious diaries, a lengthy process. But when Newman College at the University of Melbourne asked her to write their history in time for their centenary in 2018, she knew she couldn't dawdle. So she recruited her sister, Frances O'Neill, a social historian, and oral historian Josephine Dunin, to find the material from which to craft her story. Rightly, these three women appear on the book's title page as its authors.

Mannix has a big part in this story, chairing the college council throughout his long episcopate. He hoped that the college would open doors to the professions for Catholic lads (lasses came later); and he was successful in this. He didn't baulk at giving the college an Englishman's name and he withstood those...

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Campion, Edmund. "Newman College: A History, 1918-2018." Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society, vol. 39, annual 2018, pp. 212+. Accessed 10 Dec. 2023.

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