If the movie wasn't enough, jump into the video game

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Date: June 26, 1998
From: Denver Post (Denver, CO)
Publisher: Tribune Content Agency
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Byline: David Thomas, CYBERCULTURE

So you've seen the movie, but have you played the video game? More and more, making a film isn't enough. Major studios look to cash in on the popularity of a flick before it even hits the big screen, making licensing deals with every business imaginable.

Not only can you munch the official taco, swig the official drink and sport the officially licensed clothing, now you also can jump into an interactive world tied into the movies you love.

The practice of sliding characters, settings and plots from films into games has produced some memorable work, but it doesn't always turn out well. For one thing, translating the passive action of film-watching into interactive entertainment can be tricky.

For another, while the development cycle for a top-drawer game can easily stretch over one or two years, the time given to most movie tie-ins is significantly shorter. Despite these obstacles, the games keep coming. And in many cases, the quality is going up. A selection of recent summer blockbuster-based games demonstrates creativity in design as well as ingenuity in dealing with the difficulties of turning movie gold into glittery electronic entertainment.

Mulan: Disney Interactive's Mulan Animated StoryBook is the latest in what has turned into a successful string of software titles based on the annual animation releases. Because these titles come from inside the mouse family, developers seem to have unparalleled access to film...

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"If the movie wasn't enough, jump into the video game." Denver Post [Denver, CO], 26 June 1998, p. E-22. Accessed 23 Sept. 2020.

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