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Date: May 1, 2001
From: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)(Vol. 28, Issue 10.)
Publisher: 1105 Media, Inc.
Document Type: Article
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Software Provides Easy Grading of Scantron Tests

Principia Products' new version of its data collection software for Optical Mark Readers (OMR) is the Remark Classic OMR. The ClasSic OMR is a Windows software package that allows a user to scan pre-printed forms using a traditional OMR scanner available from several popular manufacturers. These mark sense scanner systems are used in situations where the respondent must fill in bubbles or checkboxes on a form printed with special ink and marks. Using Remark Classic OMR software in conjunction with an OMR reader allows a user to collect the responses from any pre-printed mark sense form in a standard electronic format. The software can grade tests and tabulate survey results, provide sophisticated data analysis and graphs, or produce data that is compatible with any database, statistical or spreadsheet package.

The Classic OMR was designed with an intuitive graphical interface, and exports data to industrystandard formats rather than a proprietary file format. It is compatible with a variety of scanners and preprinted forms and includes a unique combination of features, such as survey tabulation, test grading and flexible output. Principia Products has added some enhancements to the second version, including improved and expanded statistical analysis with Remark Quick Stats. The user can select which statistics to calculate, select graph types, and have more flexibility over what is calculated. Principia Products, Paoli, PA, (800) 858-0860,

Tool Promotes Electronic Research

Gemteq Software, Inc. has developed eGems Collector Pro, an electronic...

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