Far-infrared sauna therapy

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Author: Lawrence Wilson
Date: Nov. 2002
From: Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients(Issue 232)
Publisher: The Townsend Letter Group
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,630 words

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Everyone today is exposed to heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Particularly for slow metabolizers, an excellent method to detoxify the body is the far-infrared sauna, Its dry, warming energy is highly compatible with the human body. It heats the tissues several inches deep, enhancing metabolic processes. One can construct an excellent sauna at home for under $75.00.

Sauna Benefits

Saunas enhance circulation and oxygenate the tissues. Energy production increases, facilitating healing. Heating the tissues speeds up metabolism. Cells are more able to eliminate toxins. Nasal passages open and the sinuses drain.

Fever therapy helps infections heal more quickly. Tumors tolerate heat poorly; weaker than normal cells, raising the temperature hastens their death.

The skin is a major eliminative organ. The skin is inactive in most people. Many do not sweat. Synthetic or tight clothing that does not breathe damages the skin. Sedentary living and sun damage also inactivate the skin. Hundreds of chemicals affect the skin, from lotions and soaps to deodorants. Cleaning solvents, detergent residues and chemicals from bathing water also affect the skin, Repeated use of the sauna slowly restores skin elimination. Toxic chemicals and metals are removed faster than with other methods. It is a daily habit that pays many dividends.

Steam baths, sweat lodges, exercise and hot tubs are other means of sweating. Steam and sweat lodges are often hotter, and more difficult to tolerate. Far-infrared saunas remain below 110[degrees]. Exercise vigorous enough to produce copious sweating is too exhausting for all but the most fit. Hot tubs are good up to a point. Sweating is less than in the sauna and one absorbs chemicals from the water.

Types of Saunas

The traditional sauna is electric, wood or gas-fired. Preheating to 150-200[degrees] degrees is required for copious sweating. The heat may be difficult to tolerate, especially for those who are ill.

Far-infrared heats the body, the air remaining cool. Sweating begins quickly and the experience is pleasant. Preheating is unnecessary which saves electricity. Most far-infrared saunas employ ceramic elements to generate gentle heat. A less costly option is to use infrared bulbs.

According to research, far-infrared is more cleansing than traditional saunas. The deep penetration of the infrared energy allows the cells to eliminate better.

The Sauna Experience

Supervision and Safety.

Saunas are safe for most people providing one follows a few simple rules. When starting out, remain inside no longer than 30 minutes at a time. Those in good health in time...

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