Potassium prevents heart disease

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Author: Alan R. Gaby
Date: Nov. 2006
From: Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine(Issue 280)
Publisher: The Townsend Letter Group
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 269 words

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Some 1,981 men (mean age, 75 years) living in a retirement home in Taiwan were randomly assigned to receive food prepared with regular salt (control group) or with potassium-enriched salt (49% potassium chloride, 49% sodium chloride, two percent other additives) for approximately 31 months. Patients with impaired renal function were excluded. Age-adjusted cardiovascular mortality was significantly lower by 41% in the group receiving potassium-enriched salt than in...

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Gaby, Alan R. "Potassium prevents heart disease." Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine, no. 280, Nov. 2006, p. 45. Accessed 20 Oct. 2020.

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