Tailored applications: a memorable CV and covering letter could help win you a job interview

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Author: Elspeth Raisbeck
Date: June 25, 2008
From: Nursing Standard(Vol. 22, Issue 42)
Publisher: Royal College of Nursing Publishing Company (RCN)
Document Type: Article
Length: 544 words

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A workforce surplus means employers may handle many applications for any one position. The quality of your curriculum vitae (CV) and covering letter can make all the difference to your chances of being invited for interview, so it is worth ensuring that both are professional and memorable. Spending a little time creating the right impression is a worthwhile investment.

An effective CV:

* Examine the person specification for the job and make sure your qualifications, experience and Nursing and Midwifery Council registration match the post's essential requirements. Check that the disqualifying criteria do not apply to you.

* Think about the job from the employer's perspective--what sort of qualities will they be looking for from an employee?

* Keep it neat and simple. Some employers accept CVs and applications online, but most still require them in paper format.


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Raisbeck, Elspeth. "Tailored applications: a memorable CV and covering letter could help win you a job interview." Nursing Standard, vol. 22, no. 42, 25 June 2008, p. 64. Accessed 30 Jan. 2023.

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