DC ACTS readies teachers for back to school

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Date: Sept. 26, 2003
From: Science(Vol. 301, Issue 5641)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Article
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In 2002, Guy Brandenburg's class at Alice Deal Junior High School had a mathematics lesson on the Washington, DC, Mall. Amidst the tourists and downtown workers, Brandenburg introduced the students to the geometric patterns known as tessellations on Pennsylvania Avenue's sidewalks and to the astronomical observations of the flee African-American farmer, Benjamin Banneker(1731-1806).

Brandenburg's inspiration grew from his experiences with DC ACTS, a program to improve science and mathematics education in Washington, DC, public schools. As the 2003 school year begins, more than 80 math and science teachers in the District's public schools are prepared to teach with new lessons inspired by DC ACTS.

Launched in 1999, DC ACTS is designed to raise the caliber of mathematics, science and technology education, leading to increased student participation and achievement. The program is a partnership between the...

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