Anti-aging treatments

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Date: Oct. 2003
From: Dermatology Nursing(Vol. 15, Issue 5)
Publisher: Jannetti Publications, Inc.
Document Type: Book review
Length: 465 words

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Goldberg, D., & Herriott, E. (2003). Light years younger: The definitive guide to anti-aging skin care. Herndon, VA: Capital Books.

I am not particularly involved in cosmetic dermatology. However, rarely does an hour go by that someone I see within the clinic does not ask me about cosmetic treatments. We all spend many minutes to hours a day answering questions about laser treatments, anti-wrinkling products, anti-pigmentation therapies, and many other topics of public interest. A new publication may be helpful in educating our patients about their many options for anti-aging therapies. Light Years Younger is a comprehensive, objective, and seemingly scientifically based compilation of all currently available anti-aging therapies. Commonly asked questions about anti-aging treatments are...

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