Epilepsy & the ketogenic diet

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Author: Jule Klotter
Date: Nov. 2003
Publisher: The Townsend Letter Group
Document Type: Article
Length: 590 words

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Due to the effort of Hollywood director Jim Abrahams, the ketogenic diet has, once again, become an accepted therapy for pediatric epilepsy. In 1994, Jim's year-old-son Charlie began to have seizures, as many as 100 in a day. When the boy did not respond to medication, Jim began to search for alternatives. He came upon a book about "a diet that supposedly cured half of the epileptic kids who went on it." The ketogenic diet was developed at Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic in the 1920s. As more seizure medications became available in the 1940s and 1950s, its use waned.

Jim Abrahams sought out Dr. John Freeman, who supervised 12 to 18 patients on the ketogenic diet at Johns Hopkins each year. Within a few days of starting the diet, two-and-a-half year old Charlie Abrahams stopped having seizures. Their success caused the Abrahams to set up...

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