Sample class: cardio target training: take your kick-boxing class to the next level

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Date: November-December 2004
From: IDEA Fitness Journal(Vol. 1, Issue 5)
Publisher: IDEA Health & Fitness
Document Type: Article
Length: 651 words

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Are you looking for a multidimensional class that will challenge your participants? Take a fresh look at kickboxing. Not only does it provide a great cardiovascular workout; it also helps develop balance, strength, flexibility and power. Like many other fitness formats, kickboxing has evolved over the years and has developed a group of core enthusiasts. It has earned its place as a staple in facilities around the world. This, however, doesn't justify com placency. Enthusiasts deserve a class that progresses their training to higher levels of athleticism. "Cardio Target Training" provides this progression.

This timed interval program supersets traditional kicking and punching target drills with nontarget drills and combinations lacing the mirror. Instead of leading the class in a choreographed routine, the instructor plays the role of coach. Using paddles or clapper targets as props and teaching devices, participants are challenged to stay focused, precise and con trolled. The sound of contact is addictive and motivates participants to outperform their last sets....

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