How to ask for a raise: discover key strategies for seeking and getting the raise you want

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Author: Julie McNeney
Date: Apr. 2005
From: IDEA Fitness Journal(Vol. 2, Issue 4)
Publisher: IDEA Health & Fitness
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,427 words

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Read any major publication and you will see that times are tough: The dollar is not doing so well, businesses are becoming more cautious about hiring new staff, and many employers are trying to figure out how to eliminate positions of well-established employees, because they cost the companies so much.

What does this actually have to do with you and the fitness industry? Everything if you want to ask for a raise. Even if you have knees and abs of steel, they are likely to become sheer mush at the thought of asking your employer for more money.

The following strategies will help you determine your value to your fitness organization and create a plan of action that will end in a pay increase.

Know Your Value

Reflection is a key element when approaching your employer for a raise. The term justification is sure to arise in your meeting, so taking the time to reflect on your accomplishments and challenges over the past year will help you create a game plan.

Ask yourself the following questions:

* Are my classes getting bigger?

* Are my students telling me how great my classes are?

* Do I have a waiting list for personal training clients?

* Did I further my education and value to the company?

* Have I achieved the goals that I set at my last performance review?

* Have I attended continuing education events that have broadened my knowledge and skill base?

* Have I filled in for colleagues when they were on vacation or sick? Have I helped train new staff members?

* Did I volunteer my time in the community by leading warm-ups at fun runs or giving educational presentations for community groups?

If you can't come up with a list of reasons for your raise, you may wish to ask trusted colleagues or family members what they think you have achieved over the past year. If they, too, have trouble, you might want to reconsider requesting an increase.

Know Your Industry

To ensure you're not caught off-guard when asking for a raise, make sure you prepare well. The following steps will help you:

Establish what the various industry wages...

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