Global mindsets for global managers

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Date: Oct. 1992
From: Training & Development(Vol. 46, Issue 10)
Publisher: Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Document Type: Article
Length: 4,387 words

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A mindset is a particular orientation to the world that shapes the behavior of the individual. Managers need to have global mindsets to be able to operate effectively in a globalized business environment. Individuals with global mindsets are likely to approach the world in six different ways that are associated with corresponding personal characteristics and competencies. The six global mindsets are those which constantly seek context, view life as balance of contradictions, focus on process, value diversity and team work, see change as an opportunity, and strive for openness to the unexpected. The personal characteristics associated with these mindsets are knowledge, conceptualization, flexibility, sensitivity, judgment and reflection, respectively. Managing competition, complexity, adaptability, teams, uncertainty and learning are the competencies required by the six global mindsets.

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