'How do I negotiate a salary increase?' (Managing Your Career) (Column)

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Author: Robert Half
Date: Dec. 1993
From: Management Accounting (USA)(Vol. 75, Issue 6)
Publisher: Institute of Management Accountants
Document Type: Column
Length: 958 words

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Few job applicants realize that starting salaries are negotiable. However, this process is dependent upon a successful presentation of oneself as the best candidate for the job. While individual situations vary in terms of personal circumstances and firm-related factors, there are several guidelines that may help prospective employees bargain for the highest salary possible, given a company's compensation structure. One is to justify a salary, raise or promotion based upon a candidate's past performance and potential for future contributions. Personal considerations should only be introduced if these are relevant to the job situation, such as moving or cost-of-living expenses. In addition, leaving the discussion for compensation until after the selection decision would provide an applicant with a stronger position. Researching the salary range of the job sought within the context of the firm's salary structure is also important in gauging job offers.

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