SuperWave reality

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Date: Fall-Winter 2005
From: Frontier Perspectives(Vol. 14, Issue 2)
Publisher: Temple University - of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education, through its Center for Frontier Sciences
Document Type: Viewpoint essay
Length: 586 words
Lexile Measure: 1190L

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Here I present the elegant reality that is the natural universe. All existence is waves--only waves. This new understanding of waves--what I call SuperWaves--is the single universality that generates the natural universe of motion, order and matter, space, and time. SuperWaves is not a theoretical model or mathematical law about nature, nor is it a hidden reality within nature; it is the simple reality that is nature. (1-4)

1. Motion is SuperWaves

All motions and changes are only waves. To create complex features in an existence that is comprised only of waves, waves must wave. Waves do not move in straight lines; rather, they move only within waves and contain waves, as a continuum of wave motion in wave motion. Constant uniform motion cannot exist. Waves, which are motion on one scale, are in motion, moving up and down on another scale. This is a continuum of...

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