The clinical role of hepatocyte and commensal-probiotic cell physiology in the successful detoxification of carcinogenic toxicants

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Date: Dec. 2007
Publisher: The Townsend Letter Group
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Clinicians practicing in today's toxic world are faced with many opportunities and challenges, with new emerging paradigms dramatically changing the process of how to properly nourish, cleanse, and detoxify the body. New clinical approaches based on understanding the polarity functions of the hepatocytes, along with the use of nanoscale nutrients, to fortify commensal cells and detoxify the body offer improved ways to detoxify the body. Polluted air alone now causes more deaths from heart disease than lung disease (1-4) and is implicated as the driving force behind cancer. (5) Cleary, the contamination of the essentials of life (water, air, and food) has disrupted the functional fabric of nature and our connection to its vast healing polarities, which keep the body's excretion channels and detoxification mechanism fully operational.

The gravity of these environmental issues has motivated many leading-edge thinkers to reclaim the sense of connectedness that entwines us with nature by using nature's recipes to nourish and detoxify the body. Because the media appeals to prurient interests at the reptilian core of our brains, and all pollutants and synthetic man-made chemicals/vitamins have a positive ionic charge, they disconnect us from nature's healing polarities. As a result, we crave processed and cooked foods, sex, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and celebrity gossip. Hepatocytes fail to produce ample bile, causing Deficient Bile Syndrome (DBS), a condition that causes widespread damage to the organism on many levels. These addictive patterns warp and disrupt our physiology. At the energetic level, they weaken primal energetic zones, causing quantic disharmony, which is analogous to disconnecting the negative terminal on your car battery and expecting your car to run. Just as a battery needs both the positive and negative charges to work, the body requires these reciprocal polarities to cleanse itself of pollutants and function efficiently. Staying healthy from day to day requires that the systems of our bodies maintain the correct polarity states. Circulatory, respiratory, metabolic, endocrine, neurological, lymphatic-immune, and bioenergetic systems operate efficiently and automatically when there is a high reserve of quantic harmonic polarities and reciprocity. (5-6)

The vast majority of cells in the body--by a factor of ten--are commensal-probiotic cells. They are in the mouth, nose, on the eyeballs and skin, and in the intestines. Strangely enough, most nutritional strategies fail to target nutrients at these powerful and genetically diverse cells. Commensal cells perform indispensable functions: they help us digest food, detoxify pollutants, fight opportunistic mycotic and parasitic infections, and produce nanoscale nutrients at lightening speeds. By optimizing the performance of the body's commensal cells, we can optimize detoxification and reestablish a "strategic alliance" or symbiosis with human cells and systems of the body.

Since commensal cells manufacture nanoscale nutrients with the correct polarity, they can nourish hepatocytes to produce ample bile to more fully engage detoxification pathways. Commensal cells fabricate nanometer-size nutrients hooked to carrier proteins that dramatically increase the usability, bioavailability, and versatility of nutrients. This understanding of nanotechnology at the commensal cell level can vastly improve nutrient uptake by targeting and delivering therapeutic...

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