The ERP maze: enterprise resource planning and other production and inventory control software

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Date: Aug. 1995
From: IIE Solutions(Vol. 27, Issue 8)
Publisher: Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)
Document Type: Cover story
Length: 2,693 words

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a paradigm that emphasizes the importance of considering the impact of manufacturing decisions on the supply chain and of other vital interactions within the business in the decision-making process. Effective integration of decision making processes can be achieved with the use of the right software package. ERP software vendors have two ways of supplying their customers with decision support products. One approach is to provide their customers with a basic systems infrastructure and then leaving it to other companies to write the computer programs suitable to the system and its standards. The other method is to categorize into 'modules' all programs that support various business functions and to allow customers to choose which modules to include in the software package. The potential of ERP to significantly improve supply-chain management is discussed.

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