Juggling that perfect "art"; If you're a wife and a mother, if you're a mother on her own or if you're the husband, then you will identify with the "art" that I am going to talk about. I hope we can all celebrate the joys this "art" bestows

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Author: Sophia Mwangi
Date: August-September 2008
From: New African(Issue 476)
Publisher: IC Publications Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,398 words
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It's Sunday night and peace has finally descended on the Mwangi household! My middle child is getting ready for bed. My youngest and oldest are already asleep. Hubby is downstairs reading a very interesting book about bringing up black boys in the Diaspora (note to self, must borrow it when he's done with it). He has had an extremely busy week and no matter how engrossing and riveting the book is, will no doubt fall asleep soon so I must remember to wake him up when I'm done with writing about what's close to many mothers' (and indeed fathers') hearts-the art of juggling.

If you're thinking clowns, circus and balls up in the air, think again. This 'art' is much more difficult and takes dedication, sweat, tears, determination, hard work, love, patience...I could go on. This 'art' is about whether you'll be stuck in traffic for hours whilst dropping the children off at school and missing a crucial meeting at the office.

This 'art' is about making sure you don't miss the concert that your little darling is singing in, but also making sure that you finish off that report that the boss wants first thing in the morning. This 'art' is keeping the house clean, cooking the dinner and feeding your family, whilst checking in on your elderly parents to make sure that they are fine. This 'art' is about helping the children with their homework whilst doing the ironing. You get my drift!

The art of juggling family life, work, leisure, the home has become a way of life for the 21st Century family living in the Diaspora and back home in Africa.

Let's take the weekend for example. Whether we love our jobs or not, we all look forward to a well-earned break at the weekend. It's a time when the 'art' comes into its own! Take my weekend. We have recently moved to a new city. There are boxes everywhere. I spent most of Saturday emptying or packing boxes, washing clothes, cleaning, driving up and down the highway from our old house to the new...

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