Five approaches to organize an integrated marketing communications agency

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Date: March-April 1996
From: Journal of Advertising Research(Vol. 36, Issue 2)
Publisher: World Advertising Research Center Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 6,027 words

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Probably the most serious challenge facing advertising agencies that have embraced integrated marketing communications is how to organize themselves in a way that promotes good working relations among various professionals. A study of several integrated marketing communications agencies has identified five types of organizational structures that support the integrated approach to marketing communications. These organizational models are the consortium, where the main advertising agency serves as the main contractor of a group of specialist agencies; the consortium with a dominant agency, where the main agency integrates the works of in-house departments and outside suppliers; the corporation with autonomous units, where all specialists are brought in to become separate and independent in-house units; the matrix organization, where in-house departments work closely together; and the integrated organization where specialist functions are combined.

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