How leaders develop leaders

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Authors: Eli Cohen and Noel Tichy
Date: May 1997
From: Training & Development(Vol. 51, Issue 5)
Publisher: Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Document Type: Article
Length: 9,139 words

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Successful leaders should be responsible for developing the leadership skills of their subordinates to ensure the continued prosperity of their organizations. Examples of organizations where leaders personally cultivated leaders at all levels of their organizations and developed an impressive talent pool are Intel, PepsiCo, General Electric and the US Navy SEAL. Results of a study reveal that successful companies have developed leaders for every level and that these leaders are created through the initiative of other leaders. This study also demonstrates that leaders can develop others by adopting a teachable viewpoint and using this unique perspective to make stories about the future of their companies. A teachable point of view involves four critical leadership areas, namely ideas, values, edge and energy.

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