The loveologist guide to cheating: secrets to why people cheat and how to prevent cheating

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Author: Ava Cadell
Date: Annual 2010
Publisher: The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
Document Type: Report
Length: 34,180 words
Lexile Measure: 1180L

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Table of Contents The Loveologist Guide to Cheating Introduction to the Loveologist's Guide to Cheating Section One--Cheating Defined 10 Quick Tips to Catch a Cheater Who Cheats And Why? Overview of Respondents The Definition of Cheating The Difference between Cheating and Sex Addiction 10 Different Types of Cheating The Fear Based Cheater The Ego Based Cheater Different Types of Cheating From Survey Participant Who Cheats And Why? Combo Cheaters Older Cheaters Potential Cheaters Comments 10 Steps to Catch a Cheating Partner Types of Cheaters Secret Lovers Secret Lovers' Reflections Infidelity Confessions Love Work The Do's and Don'ts When You Find Out Your Partner Has Cheated on You Breaking Up is Hard to Do Section Two--Cheating Men Top 10 Signs Your Man is Cheating Top 10 Reasons Men Cheat What Men Want in Bed Whisper Sweet Nothings Give Him a Sexual Massage Mutual Masturbation Fantasies and Role Playing The Art of Striptease Make Him Want a Repeat Performance Joysticks and Other Controls Training for Oral Delights Sexual Shaving Quickies Anal Delight Prostate Massage Solo Exercise Prolonging Your Orgasm with a Partner Section Three--Cheating Women Top 10 Signs Your Woman is Cheating Why Women Cheat on Their Men What Women Want Intimacy Primary Means of Communication Discovery Process The Proper Way to Kiss Female Oral Sex Techniques How to Love a Woman How To Give Your Woman a Sensual Massage How to Find the G-Spot Venus Butterfly Technique and Multiple Orgasms for Women Introducing the We-Vibe Sex Toy Dr. Ava's TriGasm Tantric Kissing Be More Sexy Outside of Bed Section Four--Cheating Prevention Infidelity Rules How do you nurture everlasting love? What Love is Not 12 Tips to Great Sex Sex is Good For Your Health Getting in the Mood Aphrodisiacs Phallic Foods Designed By Nature Aphrodisiacs for Flirting Aphrodisiacs for Seduction Aphrodisiacs for Exploration Aphrodisiac Aromas Now let's have Fun with Food and Sex Psychological Aphrodisiacs Include Boundaries Set Your Boundaries Physical Boundaries Emotional Boundaries Sexual Boundaries Share Your Fantasies Male Fantasies are Female Fantasies are Survey Conclusions 10 Relationship Solutions after Cheating Revelations on Cheating Additional Resources

Introduction to the Loveologist's Guide to Cheating

This book does not judge or condone cheating, but it is packed with ammunition on how to Catch a Cheater as well as the Do's and Don'ts when you find out your partner has cheated on you. If you want to know the top 10 reasons men cheat as opposed to why women cheat, this book has the answers. It also contains step-by-step solutions that can turn a cheating heart into a loving faithful heart. There are plenty of juicy tips to turn you on and protect your partner from cheating.

Whether you want to learn how to forgive your partner for cheating, set boundaries and share fantasies to avoid cheating or learn how to catch cheater, this book has it all.

We all know knowledge leads to power, but did you know that sexual knowledge leads to sexual satisfaction? That's right, so get ready to soak...

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