Medicinal Plants in Australia: Volume 2 Gums, Resins, Tannin and Essential Oils

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Author: Bettina Schmoll
Date: Fall 2011
From: Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism(Vol. 23, Issue 3)
Publisher: National Herbalists Association of Australia
Document Type: Book review
Length: 667 words
Lexile Measure: 1310L

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Medicinal Plants in Australia

Volume 2 Gums, Resins, Tannin and Essential Oils

By Cheryll Williams

Rosenberg Publishing Dural Australia 2011

ISBN 978 1 877 05894 3

This is the 2nd in a series of four by Cheryll Williams and her passion for Australian natives is obvious. The introduction links the research of today with the history of yesterday and her thoughts on our poor care of our native landscape is already made clear. I'm not sure why she has included 1 1/2 pages on orchids in the introduction of a book titled Gums, Resins, Tannin and Essential oils, however the photos are lovely.

The historical information is wonderfully integrated throughout the book and anyone wanting to connect more with our past would find this book a must. This combines smoothly with supportive current information. For example in chapter 1, Oleum eucalypti, the focus is on Eucalyptus with beautiful photos including a colour plate from 1790 and the more recent references covering the chemical constituents of the...

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