Brassinosteroids stimulate seed germination parameters and chlorophyll content in moongbean

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Date: July 2011
Publisher: Global Academic Society
Document Type: Report
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The seeds of moong bean (Phaseolus aureus Rox.) Were used to observe the effect plant growth regulator (double brassinolide) which show the significant increase in seed germination and different seedling growth parameters viz. germination rate index, speed of germination, coefficient of velocity of germination, emergence index, relative seed germination, root and shoot length, relative root elongation, fresh and dry weights, seedling growth and vigour index. Maximum percent germination was observed on 11th day with the concentration of 0.4 ppm. Overall, 0.4 ppm showed optimum seedling growth. KEY WORDS: Seed germination, Brassinosteroids, Moongbean

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