Sugar vs. salt: shed rough winter skin with the right natural exfoliator for you

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Author: Ashlee Hillier
Date: Mar. 2012
From: Natural Health(Vol. 42, Issue 3)
Publisher: Weider Publications LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 651 words
Lexile Measure: 1240L

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Got-dull, dry skin? Mother Nature has file solution: sugar and salt. Not only "do beauty products containing such ingredients help to remove dead surface cell but the smoother skin that's left behind is also better able to absorb moisturizers and allows for more even makeup application. And don't worry about super-dry or acne-prone conditions: As long as you know which exfoliator to use, you can reap all the gorgeous rewards these great granules have to offer. Here, we'll explain how to select a product with just the right texture and ingredients for your skin type. So go ahead and get your scrub on!

JUST ADD SALT Full of natural healing properties (Epsom and Dead Sea salt baths are commonly prescribed for relieving rheumatoid arthritis pain, stiff joints and muscle soreness), salt contains chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation. The mineral can also stimulate circulation, giving your skin an instant glow, and help prevent and treat body breakouts, thanks...

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