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Author: Simon Hoggart
Date: May 26, 2012
From: Spectator(Vol. 319, Issue 9587)
Publisher: The Spectator Ltd. (UK)
Document Type: Buyers guide
Length: 689 words

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What to drink in summer? Let us hope that the foul spring we had was the price we had to pay for a glorious June, July and August. Let us plan for picnics, barbecues, meals by gurgling brooks, open-air opera and Shakespeare, glasses of something chilled in the garden after a sweaty day's work. Or it might drizzle all year, as the water companies hope.

All these wines are chosen to help make summer special, even if you largely have to spend it indoors. They are from the wonderful Tanners of Shrewsbury (and I'm planning to show some of them, alongside Tanners' Robert Boutflower, at the Hay literary festival next weekend). All wines have been discounted from list price, some quite substantially.

Our first white is the famous Vinho Verde (1) the green wine of Portugal. Actually it isn't green at all, but it is very young and very spritzy. You'll see a small rim of bubbles around the edge of the glass. Not quite still, but not as fizzy as Prosecco...

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