Green tea polyphenols: versatile cosmetic ingredient

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Date: July-September 2012
Publisher: International Journal of Advanced Research in Pharmaceutical & Bio Sciences
Document Type: Article
Length: 5,036 words
Lexile Measure: 1700L

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The research and development of cosmeceuticals is booming in recent years. Many substances, from botanical are tested or investigated as the active ingredients in cosmeceuticals. Green tea polyphenols have gained high popularity in cosmetic arena for their skin improving property. This review is an attempt to collect the scientific data of green tea polyphenols on major cosmetic problems like aging, wrinkle, photo- damage, skin darkness, acne, dandruff and hair loss. This communication covers green tea effect, their mechanism of action and clinical trials conducted on humans for different cosmetological conditions. KEY WORD: GTC, EGC, ECG, EGCG, Green tea, Photoprotection, Antidandruff

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